Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch box ideas are very close to my heart. Lunch boxes can become so mundane and well, the same, day in, day out. This is where we come in!

We’re here to help you put the fun back into packed lunches, be it for you, your kids, your partner, whether at home, at work, or out and about, travelling solo or with others, for picnics, or just lunch-on-the-go. In these tough times, we’re all about being fashionably frugal too!

We also have a website Lunchbox World with lots of reviews, tips, hints, recipe ideas and more… so when it comes to lunch boxes, you know where to come.

Please do save us as one of your favourites.

If you’re keen to share your favourite recipe, do please post it on the Lunchbox World facebook page, or email us at hello {at} lunchboxworld {dot} co {dot} uk. Make sure you send a photo too!

The Lunch Box Lady x


2 responses to “Lunch Box Ideas

  1. We were just in the supermarket struggling with ideas for the ‘lunchbox’. My son does not eat pork and finding savory snacks that he can eat that are not full of fat is a nightmare. I will be checking back often for good ideas.

    • great news! We’ll make sure we mix it up so there’s ideas for kids, for winter days, for warmer days, for adults, for holidays and for fun too! So do follow us! Thanks for commenting too! See you soon! The Lunch Box Lady x

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