The Lunch Box Challenge – to create 365 lunch box ideas in 365 days and bring you a tasty lunch time morsel with every new post.
What can I say?
Locally I’m known as the Lunch Box Lady, or simply Lunchbox World.  A mother of 3 school aged kids, a passionate foodie blogger with a marketing and foodie background, in love with recipes and baking. I’m always in need of a new idea, a fresh challenge and a fresh direction for Lunchbox World! So here’s a challenging way of bringing you tasty lunch time morsels on a daily basis!

I’ve been crazily inspired this New Year and knew I needed a new challenge with a deadline, to keep the pressure on, and to just get it done!

So who’s with me?

Can we come up with 365 lunch box ideas in 365 days?

If you’ve favourites to share, then get in touch! Tweet @lunchboxworld! or comment on our Lunchbox World facebook page!

Please follow us and tell all your friends. It’s going to be a fun ride!

I also write and edit here:
Lunchbox World Blog
Madame Expat
Lunchbox World

And remember, we’re all for putting the FUN into lunch boxes, whether you’re young or less young (Let’s not use the word “old”!)

Equally if you’ve ideas to share, or a lunch box problem, we’re here to help. We love to hear from you and love all your comments! Every single one of them! I know you want to comment really.

The Lunch Box Lady xxx


I'm sure you're dying to say something? We really appreciate every single comment! x

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