Lunch Box Idea 28 – Strawberry Fizz Drink

We don’t often suggest any drinks ideas for your lunch box, but this pink fizz did catch our eye. It’s just perfect for a picnic, outside party or family gathering. If you’ve a glut of strawberries, you can even whizz up a jug full anytime. And right now, you can still make a batch in time for tonight’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.

the perfect summer drink for picnics, garden parties or as a treat in a lunch box. Try it this Diamond Jubilee!

This particular recipe for Strawberry Fizz Cocktail uses a cordial made from fresh fruit and it really is easy to make. Simply pop the fruit in a pan and simmer with sugar and water until the fruit has flavoured the syrup. Strain and bottle, then pour a little into a glass and top up with water and ice, or try the serving suggestion, below.

Serves 8

For the strawberry syrup, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 400g strawberries
  • 100g granulated sugar
  • A squeeze of lemon juice

To serve:

  • Extra strawberries,
  • slices of lemon,
  • mint,
  • SuperValu soda water and SuperValu lemonade


1. Roughly chop the strawberries and put in a pan with the sugar, lemon juice and 100ml water. Heat gently to dissolve the sugar.

2. Once the sugar has dissolved, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes to allow the strawberries to break down, mashing with a spoon to help them on their way.

3. Strain the strawberry mixture through a sieve resting over a bowl, stirring well with a wooden spoon to extract all the juice.

4. Pour into a sterilised jar and store in the fridge for up to a week.

5. To enjoy, pour 6 tbsp syrup into a large jug. Add chopped strawberries, lemon slices, mint and ice, then top up with SuperValu soda water or lemonade. Taste for strength – you may need to add a splash more syrup or water – then pour among eight glasses.

Nutritional info: Per serving: 25cals / 0g fat / 0g sat fat / 6g carbs / 6g sugar / trace salt

So we’ve told you what we’ll be drinking tonight, this delicious pink fizz with the kiddlies. But what will you be drinking?

Top Tip: this drink is perfect as a treat in the lunch box. We sometimes pop it in one of these bottles on a Friday as a treat on “Fun Friday”.  Something you can look forward to at lunchtime, and as a way to mark the end of the week!

The Lunch Box Lady x


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