Lunch Box Idea 9 – Chicken Pasta Salad Kids Menu

Chicken Pasta Salad Kids Lunchbox Menu

Yeah, we’ve made it through the week!  And today’s menu is another salad, just to make it FUN! Now don’t feel these are just for the kids, you could make the same for yourself, but just make it adult sized…

So to the healthy lunch box menu for today:

Chicken, pasta, pea and pesto salad (150g cooked wholewheat pasta with 50g shredded roast chicken breast, 1tbsp peas and 1tbsp pesto)

5 cherry tomatoes

1 Chedds Bricks *

Small bunch of seedless grapes (10 grapes)

1 pot low-fat fruit yogurt (125g)

Bottle of water

*Chedds – to find out more about Chedds and their great kids cheese snacking range, visit

If you’ve been following these lunch box ideas all week, why not grab the menu planner here for the full 5 days, and print it off and keep it on your fridge…

Now back to you. We really want to know what’s your favourite kids’ lunch box idea?

The Lunch Box Lady x

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