Lunch Box Idea 8 – Egg Tomato Pitta Kids Meal

Egg Tomato Pitta Lunch Box Meal

Today we’re focusing on pitta. It’s always a good idea to just mix up the lunch boxes and give variety. One day a sandwich, next a couscous salad, next a wrap, today a pitta. Variety is the spice of life and you know how boring it can get the same lunch day in and day out…

So the lunch box menu idea today is:

Egg and tomato pitta (1 pitta filled with 1 hard-boiled egg mashed with 2tsp light mayo, and 1 sliced tomato)

1 Chedds Nibbles *

Strawberry, grape and melon salad (40g each)

1 pot low-fat fruit yogurt (125g)

Bottle of water

It’s always handy to pop in a spoon as often the schools don’t have the spare cutlery. Now we do have travel cutlery over in our shop that’s dishwasher-proof…

* If you haven’t discovered Chedds yet, you really must look out for them in the supermarkets in the chiller cabinets. To find out more about Chedds and their great kids cheese snacking range, visit

Are there any restrictions at your school on what your kids can eat in their packed lunch?

The Lunch Box Lady x


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