Lunch Box Idea 7 – Hummus And Carrot Wrap Kids Menu

Hummus and Carrot Wrap Lunch Box Meal

Middle of the week already. Not sure where the time is going. Still, must crack on, we said we’d share a lunch box idea a day and that is surely what we will do!

We seem to be talking carrots alot this week and today we’re talking grated carrot mixed with hummus in a wrap.

Now to the other goodies that make up this deliciously healthy kids’ lunch box menu:

Hummus and carrot wrap (1 wrap filled with 3tbsp hummus and 1 grated carrot)

1 hard-boiled egg

1 Chedds Cheese & Toasties*

5 strawberries

1 satsuma

Bottle of water

Why is it healthy you ask?

As with all the lunch box menus this week, today’s lunch box menu adheres to the guidelines laid down for school meals by the School Food Trust, and it is thanks again to Juliette Kellow, nutritionist who put these menus together.

* If you haven’t discovered Chedds yet, you really must look out for them in the supermarkets in the chiller cabinets. To find out more about Chedds and their great kids cheese snacking range, visit

So what is your favourite lunch box idea?

The Lunch Box Lady x


2 responses to “Lunch Box Idea 7 – Hummus And Carrot Wrap Kids Menu

    • That’s great! I just knew grated carrot would be a winner! Thanks for lettting us know. Do share with us if you try any of the other lunch box ideas! More wintery ones to come with this wintery snap we are having! Hope it’s not too chilly where you are!
      The Lunch Box Lady x

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