Lunch Box Idea 6 – Kids Couscous Salad Meal

Kids Couscous Lunch Box Menu

Today’s lunch box idea follows on from lunchbox idea 5 in our week’s nutritious lunch box meals for kids, thanks to nutritionist Juliette Kellow. Now my kids are fans of couscous, particularly King Julien, the fussiest of the brood, so why not try this little menu.  Please make sure you leave the pine nuts out if your school is a nut-free environment.

The Lunch Box Menu today is…

Couscous, red pepper and chick pea salad (180g cooked couscous, ½ diced red pepper, 2tbsp chick peas, 2tsp toasted pine nuts, lemon juice and coriander)

1 Chedds Nibbles*

1 slice canteloupe melon cut into chunks

1tbsp raisins

Bottle of water

* Chedds – to find out more about Chedds and their great kids cheese snacking range, visit

Now back to you. We really want to know what’s your favourite kids’ lunch box idea?

The Lunch Box Lady x

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